Kofuso, Kofurn, Kintex, Ilsan
MokRyeung 木靈,  Honglimhui, KCDF, Seoul
Hongik Museum of Art HoMA, Seoul
Travelled Vietnam, Hongkong and China 

Ancient Futures, Tent London, London
Assistant Professor at Kongju National University, Gongju – 
A Day Drawer (solo exhibition),
Galleryis, Seoul
Travelled London 

A Way of Moving : Make Your Movement,
Project Box SeeyaWooran Foundation, Seoul
Your Time, 
Art de Borah, Seoul
Ancient Futures, Imm-Cologne, Cologne
Travelled Cologne and Utrecht

Art Object by honglimhui, KBS Art Hall, Seoul
sleepless (solo exhibition)Limlip Art Museum, Gongju
Became a mum of Joy on the 9th of August

A Place in Transit, Craft Trend Fair, COEX, Seoul
A place, left behind, Kimi Art, Seoul
A Place in Transit, Tent London, London
Product design, Kspo, Seoul
Korean Crafts Council Exhibition, SeMA Gyunghui-Gung Museum of Art, Seoul
Entrance, Cheongju International Craft Biennale, Cheongju
Kofuso, Kofurn, Kintex, Ilsan
To be bored (solo exhibition), Artspace H, Seoul
Travelled London

Everyday living by honglimhui, Keumbosung Art Centre, Seoul
A place, left behind (solo exhibition)
, Artspace H, Seoul
Art Furniture, Gallery Arirang, Busan
Craft, Settling into Everyday Life, Jeonbuk Museum of Art, Jeonju
Metastable, Amado Art Centre, Seoul
Material Matters, Gana Insa Art Center, Seoul
Adjunct Professor at Hongik University, Seoul (-2018)
Travelled Thailand

Korean Crafts Council, Kepco Art Center, Seoul
Ancient Futures, Paris Design Week, Paris
Kofuso, Kofurn, Kintex, Ilsan
artificial elements,
Kwangju Design Biennale, Kwangju
halfmade (duo exhibition),
Daelim Museum Project Space, Seoul
Travelled Hongkong and Paris

Fairy Tale, Gallery Biim, Seoul
homescape, Hongik Museum of Art, Seoul
a parallel instance #004, KBS, Daejeon
Nanum-Jeon,Lotte Department Store Gallery, Seoul
10 young creators, Daelim Museum Project Space, Seoul
homescape/cityscape (solo exhibition), Gallery Biim, Seoul
homescape -moon, Park Eun Min Gallery, Seoul
homescape 02, AtoZ, Shinsegye Department Store, Seoul
non-clearly defined object, Kepco Art Center, Seoul
Tutor at Hongik University, Seoul
Travelled south of South Korea

Homescape 01 (solo exhibition)Gallery Seoul, Seoul
Chopsticks,National Palace Museum of Korea, Seoul
A Parallel Instance #003,Hongik University, Seoul
A Parallel Instance #002,Cheongju International Craft Biennale, Cheongju
stillstills,Tent London, London
Cityscape #003,London Design Festival, London
A Parallel Instance #001, Kofurn, Kintex, Ilsan
Cityscape #002, Art Center, Pusan National University, Pusan
Cityscape #001, Designers: Dream whisperers, Mokspace, London
Super W, Pulse London with Epha3, London
Tutor at Sangmyung University, Kongju National University
Super W, Boutique Monaco Museum Shop #01 Exhibition, Seoul
Travelled London and New Zealand
Got married to a lucky boy on the 17th of December

, Module 2020,
Animateka, Ljubljana
Ancient Egyptian Book of Death
Performance Design, The British Museum, London
Trgovina, Biennale of Design BIO 22, Ljubljana
Handmade Tales,
Space Design, The Women’s Library, Muf Architecutre Art, London
Super W,
Tent London, London Design Festival, London
Module 2020
, Kino Otok, Isola Film Festival
Max Roach Play Park, Muf Architecture Art, London
Contested Spaces, Public Works, Whitechapel Gallery, London
Workshop Leader, Academy of Design, Ljubljana
Visiting Tutor, Design Products, Royal College of Art, London
Founder, Super W, various cities –
Travelled England, Ljubljana and San Francisco
Moved to Seoul from London in the end of the year

Super W London, Keumsan Gallery, Blume cafe gallery, Paju
Ljubljanatopia, Month of Design, Ljubljana
Workshop Leader, Academy of Design, Ljubljana
Londontopia, designMADE, Korean Cultural Centre, London
Moscowtopia, designAct, Moscow
Talk at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Arnhem
Co-founder, Lookthere!, various cities
Vodafone Project, Sense Worldwide, London
Travelled The Netherlands, Belgium, Milan, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Helsinki, Ljubljana, Moscow and Seoul

Workshop Leader, Academy of Design, Ljubljana
Co-founder, The Mobile Workshop Group, various cities
Designer, Lagostudio, Lago S.p.A., Padova
Super W Amsterdam, Inside Design, Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam
MA Design Products, Royal College of Art, London
Super W and The Time Machine, Royal College of Art Show, London
Talk at Hongik University, Seoul
Heavy Light and The Entrance, Headlines Exhibition, London
Campus, Interim Show, Royal College of Art, London
Travelled Berlin, Milan, Venice, Padova, Helsinki, Tallinn, Amsterdam, Koper, Ljubljana and Seoul

First Prize, Umbro, Future Heritage
Royal College of Art Bursary Scheme
Research Lab., Design Products, Royal College of Art
Assistant Researcher, Seoul Development Institution, London
The Money Project, One day workshop at Great Exhibition, London
Future Heritage, Umbro, Fashion Show, Royal College of Art, London
Instant Break #002, New Moves, Artemide, The Aram Gallery, London
Travelled Berlin, Milan, Venice, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Morocco

The Market, Interim Show, Royal College of Art, London
Entered Design Products, Royal College of Art, London
Moved to London, United Kingdom
Travelled London and Helsinki
Met Jurgen Bey who encouraged me say what I wanted to say

Furniture Designer, Rainbus Inc., Seoul
BA Woodworking and Furniture Design, Hongik University, Seoul

CoExistence, Graduation Show, Hongik University, Seoul
CoExistence, Kofurn, COEX, Seoul
Finding Alice, Container Ground, Tokyo Designer’s Week, Tokyo
Blue, Colour Expo, COEX, Seoul
Redesigned Marshmallow, Salone Satellite, Milan Furniture Fair, Milan
Freelance Furniture Designer, TTL showroom, SK telecom, Seoul
Blue, Seoul Living Design Fair, COEX, Seoul
Travelled Tokyo and Milan

Third Prize, Korean Environmental Design Festival
Children Furniture, Korean Environmental Design Festival, Korean Design Centre
Travelled Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Naples, Venice, Milan, Verona, Vienna, Zurich, Basel, and London

Took one year off from the college
Trained in the Korean temple, Keryoung mountain
Met the buddhist who I could ask whatever I wanted to ask like why people open their eyes every morning or why people should do

Summer Course, Industrial Design, Rhode Island School of Design
Flight, Mokkumto Gallery, Seoul
Travelled United States and Canada
Met Byunghoon Choi who inspired me with his amazing chair

Entered Woodworking and furniture design, Hongik University, Seoul
Did volunteer works at the Mother Teresa House, India
Travelled India

Met Sangpil Hwang near the bus stop by chance

Met a literature teacher Chulsoo Kim who made me believe in the power of words

Travelled Australia

Met Yonggum Kim who taught me Calligraphy and stayed as my mentor from this moment

Met a nanny Jongrye Lee who told me so many stories and taught me how to farm in the city for about 12 years from this moment

Born in Seoul, Korea
Heard that I saw a scientist Kiyup Kim and a psychologist Kyeshik Yoo for the first time in my life