I’ve learned to perceive the scene in which I am looking at the present as myself. This naturally led to my interest in the people and objects that surround me. For all of these elements to be clear and tangible, I had to fully obtain comprehension of all the things that make up each scene. This kind of definite comprehension is only possible when experiencing intimate relationship with others. That is why I’ve always valued gaining as much broad range of experiences as possible under the motto, “learning by doing.” All the experiences that I’ve had brought life to all of my feelings and broadened my perspective in life.

My biggest wish is to build the cure system. I wanted to be closer to people’s everyday lives and I started to train myself at woodworking and furniture design in Hongik University in 2000. I enjoyed making thing happen. But, when I was about to graduate, I could not find many problems in furniture and products which already existed. I found more the problems from an individual’s psychological state. I found more the problems in the social system which our community has been built. Lots of questions were raised up from this point. During two years at the Royal College of Art, I trained myself more in the social context under the thought of, Design cannot stay any longer in the self contained artifacts. I pushed myself more in the direction of design activism, rather than making objects. I explored in the context through the story, films, and situation creations. I was looking for the ways in which I can offer something to the community through design. I was trying to create a cure system which could train people and myself.

In those years it became very clear that to continue to design furniture, objects and similar house hold decorations was no solution to problems of living and not even to those of life, and even less could it serve to save one’s own soul…
Superstudio, Histograms, 1968

At this point, here I am in a state of relating myself to a new scene in order to expand myself.

Sohyun Kim