Super W was invited for the Lloyd Hotel project in Amsterdam. Most wishes which Super W collected were about travelling. Half of them said they want to travel more, and the other half said that “No more travellers”. Then, what would happen when 50% of city is filled with visitors? Who is going to take care of the city? What is good and bad about it? Can we maximize the value of temporary visitors? How should the meeting happen between temporary and permanent people in the city? How can we bring the mental comfort in the city?

Anonymous meetings
This place is filled with temporary meetings, and this fact leads to anonymous meetings everyday on the street. The only thing they know about each other is from the moment’s experience. There is no concept about each other. Without any concept about each other, this meeting can be lead to true relationship. This is really good thing about this place. I wish I would communicate more perhaps with the help of anonymity.

The utopia I would sketch is the public bath city. People feel comfortable when they go to the public bath alone. There are always temporary meetings with the strangers. I thought it would be nicer if the city Amsterdam can be like a public bath. What if we bathed together as we cleaned the city? We can freely be naked like the Doorzonwoning houses are.

The Toilet and Bath in Lloyd Hotel (Prototype one)
The hotel is the place where all the temporary meetings happen. I wanted to trigger people to create more relationships through experiencing strangers’ wishes. I wrote a story book for a toilet seat, made a short film, printed peoples’ written wishes on a shower curtain, and made soaps out of peoples’ wishes. I made twenty soap objects answering twenty wishes.

The visitor wakes up in the morning and brushes teeth watching strangers’ story in the film through a small monitor. The vistor takes a shower with the soap made of strangers’ wishes looking at their wishes on a shower curtain. The Visitor use the toilet reading a story book Super W in a Public Bath.

2008 Inside Design Amsterdam, Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam