Module 2020 is the collaborative housing system which suggests the new way of living together in a local community. We design the new housing form and associated services to stimulate and trigger physical interactions between people. They make it easier and more effective to share their knowledge, the objects, spaces and events with others.

Facts in 2020
– People spend more and more time in on-line communities and on blogs and sitting on our own in a room forgetting that physical interaction is such a big part of our existence.
– There is a growth of one person companies, the big ridged corporate model is changing into a more flexible collaborative model.
– Living in one person households is more expensive and inefficient, sharing spaces, tools and recourses  help to save money, energy and reduce waste.
– The increase of temporary residents in communities asks for more flexibility in our housing system.
– People live in anonymous places, which needs a modern sense of locality.

Me living in the experimental community “Module 2020”
We together invent the way we want to live. For this we need some help to be able to communicate what is going on. Its a bit like your on-line profile, it shows what your qualities are and what you like but than based on local community needs. We like to use internet terms to explain our systems as we see that the information exchange and communication on-line is so easy. This raised the question, how can we adapt the ways of communicating on the internet to the physical world? Our community is a test centre for these ways of communicating and sharing in the real world. Let me explain; Every member of our community lives in his / her “One person module” this is the place where everything starts. These modules can move and connect to other communities or in combination with an other module form a collaborative workspace. Our module is our identity, our off-line profile.

By research and experiment in our current local context we ask the community for the need and for their ideas about communicating and sharing in their lives.

Module 2020 animation has been made by Lookthere! and Aline Helmcke.