Designing tomorrow’s place is one of the objectives for us and this is the background to the collaboration between us and Lago.

Programming people’s actions is a project about a university meeting room on the San Servolo island in Venice. This space usually contains small meetings (2-4 people), big meetings (1-20 people), private space (to read, use internet, write, think), public space (to talk, drink coffee, eat lunch, do group works), party space (for Christmas parties, beginning of the year, finish of the year, birthday parties) and space for projections (talks, conferences and film screenings).

We didn’t want to think about the furniture that is used on these occasions, but about how people use it, and how they adapt the room to different occasions.

We suggested a graphic intervention on the walls and floor that direct people into the actions of moving the furniture around when there’s a change of activity. We allowed the users to change the positions of the objects to create many comfortable situations within the same space.