I’ve got no wish (Newspaper Salesman in South Kensington Station)

I met him in South Kensington Station. He was selling newspapers. I was giving him my letter asking what he wishes. The first time, he was not interested in it and he really did not want to talk to me. The second time I was giving him the invitation letter for my exhibition with my questions. He said he does not have time to go there. I went to talk to him again. This was the third try. He said he comes here everyday from Kent. He said it takes almost two and half hour and he is tired. He said he has got no wishes. He did not say much. Every morning I pass South Kensington Station and I could buy papers from him. He gave me couple of free books. He is not there anymore. I don’t know where he is.

After three months, I saw him again. He broke his leg and could not come out. But he said he is okay now. This is the mug for him. I put people’s wishes inside the mug. Then he can drink the wishes everyday.

Material: Collected Three Earthenware Mugs, Gold letters inside the mugs

Photography by Hayeon Yoo

Super W Factory  #001 #002