The problem has been started from this city where people hardly see the changes of season. Before they feel the changes of it, they started to guess of the changes through the logic of numbers of the clock. These reasonable numbers started to dominate all the systems of this society. The misuses of the numbers easily brought wrong works of machines. Therefore, people could not accept any misuses or overuses of the numbers. People are bound by the time. To know about the past meant they could construct better systems, and to plan the future meant they put more oil on the gears of their machines. The machines were not stopped.

The Time Machine is a one day clock, which does not have numbers. The object is a rotating hourglass obscure the lamp in accordance with the time of day: It is brightest at noon while completely dark at midnight. The quantity of the light shows the time. When the arm is on the left side, the lamp is totally covered by the sand. Therefore, there is no light. Following the arm’s turning to the right, the lamp comes up little by little. When the arm comes to the right side after 12 hours, only the light stays in the arm without the sand. It is the brightest moment.

Material: Sand, Acrylic, LED, MDF, Veneer, Brass, Stepper Motor (Arduino)
Size: 1800x1800x75 (mm)

2008 Graduation Show, Royal College of Art, London