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A temporary city with forgotten relationships. Sohyun Kim designed a place in transit (2015) describing the city which we live in. While our city might seem sturdy and substantial to its outsiders, it is fragile under the microscope. It sometimes comes as full of anxiety and fear to city users with a thought of that it might leave them isolated in sudden. Everything used to be connected one another. A place in transit is about forgotten relationships of an object and a place, and an object and a nature.

Primary materials such as Urushi and Korean traditional paper Hanji are used for constructing a place in transit. As a contrast to the temporary place that the title contains, the materials sustain for hundreds of years changing its colours and textures little by little as time passed.

Transit 01 (side table)
materials: Urushi, plywood
size: 605 x 360 x 440 (mm)

Transit 01 is a mirrored-like side table. It reflects passing people in fourteen different angles. It is Urushi lacquered and the colour of its surface changes little by little for years. In the art of Urushi lacquer, it is said that “The colour blooms”.

Transit 02 (low table)
materials: Urushi, fabric, Korean traditional paper Hanji, plywood
size: 1500 x 400 x 175 (mm)

Transit 02 is a low table that has a square place caved in. The structure of the table top is made of thin wooden frames wrapped with fabric and oiled paper Hanji, and table bottom is made of Urushi lacquered plywood. It is light and strong enough to hold the left square place.

Transit 03 (lighting)
materials: Urushi, copper, FRP, LED lamp, wire
size: 400 x 380 x 760 (mm)

Transit 03 is a lighting with a tray. One mass is made and cut in two pieces afterwards. There’s a space in between two pieces and the light fills the transition space. The lighting is hung balancing with the same amount of weight, and the height of the lighting is adjustable.