Sohyun Kim presents the new collection ‘a place, left behind’ at artspace H in Seoul. ‘a place, left behind’ depict a scenario in which the man stays alone and takes time for a while to be himself. The place is described by five different scenes, ‘entrance’, ‘the promised place’, ‘time’, ‘a short stay’, and ‘asleep dawn’. Each are presented by the domestic objects with the designer’s own language. Objects themselves resonate a serene presence empowered by simple but poetic words.


1. Entrance

Entrance is a reflective mirror-like object. It is made of urushi and hemp cloth, empty inside.

material: urushi, hemp cloth
size: 900 x 540 x 170 (mm)



the promised place-3


2. The Promised Place

The promised place is a big seat. The seat for one person is indicated as a flat surface with an object on it. The structure is made of thin wood with gaps and covered by cloth and layered by thin korean paper, soy oil stained. It becomes solid enough to seat. 

material: wood, hanji (korean paper), soy oil, ceramic/ urushi, hemp cloth
size: 2000 x 1100 x 355 (mm)/ 430 x 330 x 290 (mm)


3. Time (1 min 30 sec film)

Time is a short film that presents the amount of time through changes of paper colour. the Korean paper hanji, soy oil stained, changes its colour dark when it is tanned in sunlight. the film was shot for two and half months.




a short stay-3

4. A short stay

A short stay presents a man’s figure that is left behind. It is light made of urushi and hemp cloth, hung on rough solid wood.

material: urushi, hemp cloth, wood, glass
size: 2500 x 635 x 1130 (mm)





5. asleep dawn

Asleep dawn a very light small table, made of thin wooden structure covered with oil stained hanji. It floats on water.

material: urushi, wood, hanji (korean paper), water
size: 1730 x 730 x 115 (mm)