Reseach Lab. looked into the community, thinking about what we need in our local area and shared the information which we collect. After we take four month time in research we took vitra showroom project. “What is the role of the showroom in the community?” We ended up with six manifestoes and design examples for vitra showroom. Here I present six manifestoes.

-The showroom should inspire ways of using, arranging and creating space through its products, and show their respective potential. Experience instead of Instruction.
-The showroom should not just be a mute pedestal for product, but a meetingpoint for designer, product and client.
-The showroom should curate as well as generate the heritage of Vitra.
-The Showroom should not want to be an office or a home
-The Showroom should have its own language, own nature and own existence.
-The showroom should not be an immune alien, it should read from and write to itʼs local surrounding.
-The showrooms should connect like worldwide family.
-The showroom should curate like a museum, gather like a library, translate like an embassy, host like a park and sell like a shop…

Research Lab.:  Sohyun Kim, Marc Owens, Gregor Timlin, Simon Brewster
Tutors: Jurgen Bey, Simon Heijdens