Our objective for umbro was first to make the diamond shape synonymous with the umbro brand, so that every time somebody saw a diamond they would think of umbro, free advertising for umbro wherever there are diamonds.

After all that is what logos are all about, you edge your bets by using a simple shape that people see everyday so they think of umbro everyday. So there are a lot of diamonds out there so that’s a lot of free advertising for umbro, excellent, but why stop there? There are more diamonds to be seen you just have to look a little bit harder and fill in the gaps here and there. So were going to cast our net a bit wider (coincidentally, nets are lots of little diamonds).

Our product is designed to train people to see diamonds wherever they may roam, and consequently see umbro everywhere. The diamonds are there, it’s just that not everyone can see them. So if you want everyone to start seeing diamonds, for everywhere to sell umbro start here>

So Hyun Kim: Design Products RCA / Shoe box, stool, bag, shoe, and shop interior
Liam Jackson: Menswear RCA / Menswear
Lisa Hjelm: Womenswear RCA / Womenswear
Ella Jade: Knitted Textile RCA/ Textile
Sara Ratcliffe: Menswear Accesory RCA / bag, shoe

2007 1st Prize in Umbro Competition
2007 Fashion Show, Royal College of Art, London