Furniture designer Sohyun Kim and printmaker Younjeong Lee present their collaborative exhibition <KIM Sohyun x LEE Younjeong : halfmade> from 24th August to 22nd September at the Daelim Museum Project Space  in Seoul. This exhibition portrays a progressive story in the creation and destruction of the city, originated from a tiny ‘dot’ that undergoes the process of assemblage and disassemblage.

A city reveals its stationary scenery that is composed of elaborately crafted and precisely shaped masses. In the city, traces of time and space are quickly vanished and easily forgotten. Sohyun Kim and Younjeong Lee attempt to break the scenery of masses into the smallest particles by retrogressing the process of urban construction – tiny dots agglomerate together to form a large mass – in order to discover the unrecorded memories of space and time. The dynamic scenery of dots ever-changing through the circulation of assembling and disassembling, in contrast with the static scenery of masses, develops the story in the creation and destruction of the city.

The exhibition <KIM Sohyun x LEE Younjeong : halfmade> shows the transformative process of how the story from a dot is developed and constructed into a halfmade space instead of a readymade space, where the place is neither defined nor decided at the present but preserves the future possibility of any undefined occurrence. KIM and LEE reinterpret the scenery of the city and discover the potential of establishing a new relationship through interaction and coexistence in the halfmade space they created.

Sohyun Kim and Younjeong Lee awarded their master degrees at the Royal College of Art in London in 2008. Their collaboration emerged from their mutual interest in inner spaces of the city while working in the shared studio space in London and Seoul. Their works, inspired by a large-scaled urban scene and rendered into a small-scaled domestic scene, construct a virtual space between familiarity and unfamiliarity to propose a new spatial experience.

text by D_Project Space