The restaurant project was started on January 2007, when Platformtwo got the place in South Brompton area
(8 Egerton Garden Mews, London) for six months. Since Platformtwo was interested in exploring different ways
of selling and consuming food, the thought suggested itself, to establish this former restaurant and in-place as
a research laboratory. This was my first proposal of the restaurant.

The idea is dividing the restaurant in different sections with changes of light (from a bright side to a dark side)
and making it grow through three openings. Platformtwo agreed on The Allotment as overall working theme and leading idea. An Allotment is “characterized by a concentration in one place of a few or up to several hundreds of land parcels that are assigned to individual families, in allotments the parcels are cultivated individually”. In the spirit of the allotment, that also involves the context of home–grown and home–made, Platformtwo learned, how to brew its own beer – home–brewed. We divided the whole place into three areas and decided to have three openings to make our restaurant grows. We divided the place into the different areas that were necessary to run it, groups of two to three began to adopt the tasks and ‘grow’ them, both in concept and in reality. For the first opening, we decided to build a standing bar. Instead of furniture, we made the wall which could work as a storage and tables. We had home brewed beer, porceline glasses, and baked wall. We put A4 printed papers in the corridor and in the toilet instead of wallpaper. Finally, nine of us cooked different tapas and sold in the first opening.