Look into the community, Design with neighbors, and Learn in a public section rather than staying on the campus. Platformtwo scattered to explore the area within a two kilometer radius from the college, a field we called the Campus. Here we investigated the design opportunities and local manufacturing for individual projects. Finally designing a physical and social platform for sharing our research, and thus created a design methodology that could be projected anytime anywhere.

During the Interim Show at Royal College of Art, platformtwo opened our collective knowledge to the public. We prepared a three meter diameter round table which has the map on it where we investigated, and spread our gathered information on the table. We invited various experts to set up round table discussions where we share our information. We documented happenings everday, and published them in the end of the day.

Platformtwo 2007-08, RCA
Platformtwo is the group of fourteen students with two tutors, Jurgen Bey and Martino Gamper, at Design Products, Royal College of Art

2007 Interim Show, Royal College of Art, London

image source http://bh-n.com