There are many western styles of sofas in every single Korean houses. But when Koreans have special guests at home, they prefer to sit on the floor in front of a big table and just lean their backs on the sofa. It is also not difficult to find the restaurants which have both ways of sitting. Most Koreans prefer to sit on the floor when they are with close friends except when someone has uncomfortable shoes to take off or wears a skirt.

Then, how do Koreans behave differently in sitting culture and standing culture? In sitting culture, behaviour is more flexible. There is no distance between people in sitting culture. Koreans feel closer when they sit on the floor with others. On the other hand, in standing culture, the behaviour is more active. There is fixed distance in standing culture because of seperated chairs. Koreans were open to standing culture more than fifty years, but I could find out that their bodies and minds were not really used to the standing culture. Therefore, I wanted to make an object which can respose to the Korean current culture.

CoExistence is a wooden bed for lying and sitting. The room of woods on the sit helps changing of air. It makes cool in the summer and warm in the winter, because Korean houses have under floor heating system. The sitting place is extended to accept several people and to satisfy several postures. Solving the structural problems, the shape is developed to give more space where tables can be slided.

Material: Birch Plywood, Steel, MDF
Size: Pyeong-Sang 1500x2100x350/ Chair 450x450x860
/ Table1 900x900x600/ Table2 600x600x430/ Table3

2004 Kofurn, COEX, Seoul
2004 Hongik Graduation Show, Seoul