The living room space should be kept as the open space as Korean traditional houses were, with the collected objects that are non-clearly defined; therefore the users provide functionalities by themselves spontaneously. To suggest the possible objects for the space, I started this project with the following questions.

What is the space look like if the floor form goes higher with the simple structure, and the function is not provided yet?
What about the visual feeling when the floor material is used on the structure with high glossy finishing?
What about touch feeling of the material on the structure?

Material: handmade Korean traditional floor paper (made in Jeonju), ash, ply wood, lacquer

Size: 1800 x 750 x 350 / 350 x 250 x 400/ 350 x 250 x 625 (mm)

Collaboration with Golden Pond
(Golden Pond is fabric and clothes firm specialized in natural dyeing)