There have been lots of superheroes every year from Superman to Neo; Superman from another planet, Batman from a dark city, Spiderman who suddenly transformed into a superhero from an ordinary person, and Neo who tried to save the real world from the virtual reality. City has created Superheroes, and Superheroes have reflected city’s dreams and fears. How will the city today shape the superheroes of tomorrow?

Against all the superheroes, Super W(wish) did not have a special power. The only speical power he had was he could see both ways while he walks. He could see where people were heading for. He usually watched people from a certain distance. When he did enough, he began to interview people on the street and documented their wishes. And, he responded to the strangers’ wishes.

Super W project is ongoing project. The goal of this project is exaggerating people’s small wishes, giving strangers’ external hidden identities and voices, watching what happens when another situation is added in their everyday lives to create a sense of community. This project is site specific. All the documents which are collected through Super W will work as a wish archive.

Super W Manifesto

Trigger people to think of their hidden wishes.
Trigger people to have wishes and have more wishes.
Trigger people to transform their energy from negative to positive, from complaints to wishes.
Trigger people to solve their wishes together with the others.

Once when I was in the temple, people tried not to wish, and tried not to want to have anything. They were strongly training themselves. I was confused. I was more wondering about the world outside. I wanted to know what people think and what they are looking for. Actually I wanted to know what kinds of things I should think about. One day I decided to ask to the people about their wishes directly. I decided that I will think about their wishes. We will solve them together.

Photography by Hayeon Yoo