Hope Mill Village is a converted studio space for artists and designers from all disciplines and backgrounds. Residents are asked to build up and develop their own identity of this studio space as ‘village,’ working within one of the studio rooms alone or together under the same roof. They are encouraged to share the space, not only communal spaces but also individual studio spaces, so that studio space becomes more affordable. There are three core spaces in this village – three courtyards. The largest space is for the exhibition, the smallest but most intimate space for communal activities as if it were a small courtyard in-between houses, and the longest and brightest one for socialiasing and in-house/public workshops, but not limited to. The unusual and sometimes awkward proportion and size of each studio space is intended in orderfor residents to come up with the use of spaces and make the village vibrant and unique. The construction of this new village within Hope Mill follows a typical timber partition wall construction method, so that the construction is easily done by untrained labour.

Collaboration with Zyi Ryong Kim